I am a Brookfield approved Relocation Agent. It is always best to work with an agent that specializes in Relocations to ensure a hassle free move. With your relocation, there will be documents required for your reimbursement. Please refer to your relocation package in reference, as to what the requirements are for, advances and/or pay claims.  Make sure you know your entitlement for your core benefits, such as hotel, car rental, gas and meal reimbursement.

In most situations, advances for home purchases and sales can be approved with a copy of the Listing Agreement, Appraisal, or Sale Agreement.

For additional expenses such as lawyer, realtor, inspectors, surveyors, etc, you may be required to refer to a list of approved suppliers for reimbursement.

Whenever possible, it is best to request an advance for your expenses, rather than paying and submitting a claim.  If making a claim, ensure you keep all receipts and submit claim as soon as possible.

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